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Some commonly used home remedies include: Cranberry juice is one of the most popular and widely touted of all natural remedies for health care. More prevalent among women, UTI's can occur at any point from childhood to adulthood. Most infections involve the lower urinary tract — the bladder and the urethra.

Diagnosis and management of urinary tract infection in the emergency department and outpatient settings. Drinking water helps dilute your urine and ensures that you'll urinate more frequently — allowing bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin. Another way to reduce symptoms and prevent the recurrence of UTIs is to increase your intake of vitamin C. Doing so after urinating and after a bowel movement helps prevent bacteria in the anal region from spreading to the vagina and urethra. Risk factors specific to women for UTIs include: A woman has a shorter urethra than a man does, which shortens the distance that bacteria must travel to reach the bladder.

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You may be able to treat an early urinary tract infection (UTI) if you act promptly when you have the first symptoms of a UTI, such as pain and burning with urination. urinary tract infection symptoms video Urinary Tract Infections in Teens and Adults-When To Call a DoctorCall your doctor immediately if painful urination or other symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) occur with other symptoms.

Urinary tract infections are common in women, and many women experience more than one infection during their lifetimes. Exercise caution and always consult with your doctor before stopping any treatment or if trying out any natural remedies. The best way to get rid of a UTI is to boost your fluid intake.

If you use a diaphragm, you may need to get it refitted or change your form of contraception. Using deodorant sprays or other feminine products, such as douches and powders, in the genital area can irritate the urethra. The bacterium responsible for a large percentage of UTI's is the Escherichia coli. The bacteria are found in the digestive system and around the rectum. This type of UTI can occur when GI bacteria spread from the anus to the urethra.

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