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Piazza Anfiteatro in Pompei, stops at Piazza Esedra near the motorway toll booth and at Ercolano train station, then winds its way to the top (€8. Ask for a site map and free information booklet from the information booth at Porta Marina or Piazza Amfiteatro. The Casa del Menandro (House of Menander) near the theatre can be visited at weekends from 2pm to 5pm, and the Casa degli Amorini Dorati (House of the Gilded Cupids) is open from 9am to 6pm daily in summer, closing at 4pm in winter.

Disparate finds ranging from fishing tackle to ceramic cages for rearing dormice (a favourite Roman delicacy) are displayed alongside life-size photos of original mosaics and frescoes from other sites and museums. Given the numbers of people involved and the current road network, early warning of any eruption is critical. The other Pompei station lies on a different line and is closer to the amphitheatre entrance. Possibly as high as 2,000 metres (6,600 feet), it was thickly vegetated; few people suspected they were living close to a major geological hazard. That is why we offer you the Best Yet & Exceptional Value line of products.

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Afternoon visits to the site pay dividends, as the crowds start to thin out. Boscoreale (Boscoreale station) requires a considerable amount of legwork and is very poorly signposted; for Stabiae (Via Nocera station, Castellammare), you need to take bus 1 Rosso from near the station. The park authority ( ) has begun to mark out footpaths; one of the best goes from the town of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio up to the Bourbon observatory.

Once at the car park at Quota 1,000 (1,000 metres above sea level), the standard half-hour route to the cone zigzags along a well-kept path up the mountain’s western flank. The sight of Vesuvius towering over the bay, with the Sorrentine peninsula to the south and Naples to the north, has always held visitors spellbound. The longer it lies dormant (the last eruption was in 1944), the greater the risk. Ask for a site map and free information booklet from the information booth at Porta Marina or Piazza Amfiteatro. Conveniently close to the amphitheatre entrance of the Pompeii archaeological zone, the four-star , closed Mon & 3wks Jan, average €40) is one of Campania’s finest restaurants, serving ancient recipes gleaned from classical authors.

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