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I am working with round leather cord and I’m good up until the over under over under part. Indecision 2012! Turns out, I liked the first step of a larger knot the best and finally decided to run with that. Hi Betty! I used medium weight knotting cord, which is 1.

I’m not that familiar with fishing line; is it plastic? You definitely need something that’s pliable enough to tie a knot in; if it’s too stiff or plasticy it won’t hold its shape properly. You’ll notice that your three cords, that should be laying nicely in shade order (that is, darkest to lightest or lightest to darkest) have gotten all cattywampus in the process of knotting. I haven’t seen similar cord in any big box crafts stores like Michaels or JoAnns. You could add a little bead at te end if you wanted. If you have run out of your drugs, all you need to do is let us know.

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Very hard to find, and where can I buy it. Mine only fit two cords through, since I have a small shank (I figured I should just go with the obscenity, right?). Thank you for sharing!! You could visit my blog and Facebook page, if you wanna.

You will be knotting them as if they were one cord. I sent one cord from each side through the button and then tied some knots. The Chinese knotting cord is a bit thicker than any of the macrame cords I’ve used, and it’s stiffer, too. This is the beginning of me rearranging the cords. Take the right-hand cords and bring them up and under the tail of the left-hand cords.

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